Slot Car Racing In Popular CultureSlot Car Racing In Popular Culture

by Eddie Shorer

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Eddie Shorer

Los Angeles, CA  USA

Slot Car Racing in Popular Culture

by Eddie Shorer

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Chapter 1: Round and Round Again: Slot Car Racers Still at it after Forty Years (2008)

Chapter 2: Same as it Ever Was (Only Different): Slot Car Racing after 50 Years (2016)

Chapter 3: Slot Car Collections and their Collectors: The Good, the Better, and the Best (2017)

Chapter 4: Slot Cars Don’t Build Themselves: The Dreamers and Schemers Behind the Machine(r)s (2019)

Chapter 5: Fifty Shades of One Month of Slot Car Racing (2020)

Chapter 6: Back to Being a Kid: How Slot Car Racing Brings Happiness (2021)

About “Slot Car Racing in Popular Culture”

Eddie Shorer, a 23-year veteran of Slot Car Racing, offers an insider’s view of this hobby/sport in a very personal narrative from 1963 to the present. Between 2007 and 2021 “Fast Eddie” presented these papers at Popular Culture Association National Conferences in San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles. Topics cover his involvement in the Golden Age of the hobby, its rise and fall, rebirth and growth, and profiles of racers, collectors and builders in both club and commercial racing. Included are photos from his accompanying presentations and links to the full-resolution PowerPoint presentations online. 

About the Author

Eddie Shorer is a retired middle-school teacher from Los Angeles. He has a BA degree in Japanese and English Intercultural Studies, and an MA degree in Popular Culture Studies. He lived in Japan where he taught English and was a tofu-maker. Back in L.A. he owned a bohemian Internet coffeehouse, and currently drives around in old Saabs. And he races slot cars. A lot! A t-shirt his wife got him says it all: “Warning: May Randomly Talk about Slot Car Racing!”

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