Farrout Slot Car Club

I race with the Farrout Slot Car Club, in the Los Angeles California area, on several mostly home based 1/32 scale slot car tracks.

For more information about the Farrout Slot Car Club in Southern Calif, check out the following links:

Farrout Slot Car Club website: 


Farrout Slot Car Club Facebook Group:


Farrout Slot Car Club YouTube Channel:


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Please let us know if you plan to attend a practice session and/or a race.

Let’s RACE!!!


Ed Shorer

Farrout Slotcar Club Tracks

by Ed Shorer

This is a video I made in 2012 of tracks either in the Farrout Slotcar Club, or belonging to its members. It’s a bit over 6 minutes. For more on the club: www.farroutslotcars.com

Now about 6 minutes long


0:05 Christophe Deluy’s Eagle Rock track

0/36 Nigel Ricks’s Nigelstone Raceway

1:17 Big Lou’s Toys & Raceway

1:23 Christophe Deluy’s Pasadena track

1:50 Russell Bracher’s Cirrhosis-by-the-Sea Spa & Raceway

2:43 Craig Williamson’s Silverlake Speedway

3:25 Eddie Shorer’s King Mini Boola Raceway

4:35 Jim Wiseman’s Claremont Raceway

5:15 Michael Smalley’s Riverside Raceway