Passed Tense

Ed. Shorer has been writing songs from the heart between ’74 and ’79, and again from ’99 to the present. The songs on this CD were produced by former Beck saxman and current Brazzaville leader, David Brown, who added guitar, sax, and keyboards. Other Brazzaville members Joe Zimmerman and Kenny Lyons added bass and lead guitar, respectively. Quazar, of Quazar and the Bamboozled, the 88, and Gwendolyn, added drums and percussion.

In “real life” Ed. is a retired middle-school English teacher in East L.A. He has a B.A. in Japanese and English Intercultural Studies, an M.A. in Popular Culture Studies, lived in Japan for six years, and started the quirky iBrowse COFFEE coffeehouse, in Alhambra, CA.

He lives in, and loves, L.A.

Listen to complete songs by playing each below:

Twinkle Twinkle

Leaving Down Behind


Why Do You Do?

Hot As Ice

Flowers for Andrew

Empty Holidays

Lack Of Care

It Was Good (for awhile)

If I’m Fallin’

Far From The Page


Clearly Blue

Download entire CD by clicking on the picture below:

(NOTE: this is a 101mb zip file… be patient for file to download)